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                "Mingzhijian" is the brand created by Hong Kong Mingzhijian Natural Healthcare Co., Ltd. The company takes benefiting people's health as its own mission and advocates the health-preservation with Chinese medicine concept, in order to return to the nature of the life's natural health. As the name suggests, "Mingzhijian" will help customers nurse their individ

                • 01

                  Duo of the fresh series of products


                  "Ming of the key" Dendrobium fresh series of products through scientific testing, according to Dendrobium polysaccharide content is divided into: wild goods 35%, 30% pure boutique 25%, more than three grades of products are taken from the company

                • 02

                  Duo of the powder products


                  "Ming of the key" Dendrobium powder series of products according to the different planting environment and nutritional effects are different. Points of the Gok of the powder Lin Ye, pure, gas surplus, with four kinds of products. Customers can

                • 03

                  Duo of the goods · series of products


                  "Ming of the key" Dendrobium dry goods series is the preferred top fresh strips by sliced roasted as gold or with traditional methods into a funnel called Feng Dou. Gold can be repeated hot water brewing and tea. Feng Dou can be stewed edible, are gifts

                • 04

                  Gok of the leaf series products


                  "Ming of the key" Dendrobium tea series is carefully selected purebred Dendrobium Dendrobium leaves. To the industry's unique tea industry, refined tea, and according to the recipe and taste of the similarities and differences are divided into: days with, the

                • 05

                  Hok of the flower products


                  "Ming of the key" metal Dendrobium tea products are particularly welcome to white-collar workers. Sales objective, the product to the rare metal Dendrobium flower. According to the different requirements with other flowers, the secret made into tea. Now

                • 06

                  Frozen age tea series


                  "Ming of the key" Dendrobium ice cream tea is the company for the Hong Kong market development of the series. The name of the Hong Kong often drink frozen flesh tea from the homophonic, but the image shows his role. Plus all the coordination of fruit and

                • 07

                  Preparation of wine products


                  "Ming of the key" preparation of wine is a unique recipe ingredients soaked in pure hand-made rice wine, and then hidden in the hole kiln, so that the combination of liquor and herbs fermentation, totally natural, so the wine mellow, color through white,

                • 08

                  Golden thread series products


                  "Ming of the health" Golden Lotus is the selection of pure varieties of Taiwanese in the company's plantation carefully cultivated more than six months. There are some nonprofits on the market. This series of products are divided into fresh and dry

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                Headquarters Address:
                Block A, 4 / F, Wing Yah Building, 381-389 Sha Tsui Road, Tsuen Wan,
                Hong Kong Operation Center: Room 1018, Huangxing Building, Fortress Street, Quanzhou, Fujian Province

                Planting base:
                Lu'an Town, Nanan City, Fujian Province, Tan Creek Village
                Flagship store Address:
                Quanzhou, Fujian Province, Xinhua Road No. 825 (West Lake Park diagonally opposite)

                Tel: 0595-22838939 / 22420198

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